The Journey


Some children may be initially concerned about the new experience of coming to the doctor’s office. Children usually respond better if they know what to expect in any situation. When you speak with your child, know there are “NO NEEDLES” involved with the visit. The exam will have several parts. The younger child might be told that they will meet new people with “magic machines” that can see wonderful and special things in their ears, nose and throat.

The ENT Exam

Dr. Wasylik, Dr. Trowbridge, Dr. Karempelis, Dr. Evarts, Dr. Orobello or one of our nurse practitioners will examine every patient who comes to our office at Pediatric ENT. Other Pediatric hearing and speech professionals will assist them as is indicated. Patients are thoroughly informed of all examination results. When treatment plans are required, they are carefully reviewed.

We encourage questions from parents at any time. If you have further questions after the office visit, please do not hesitate to call us.

Records and Tests

If your child’s pediatrician has ordered tests, including x-rays, you will need to bring them along with you at the time of your appointment. Please bring records with you as well.

Nurse Teach

If surgery is recommended for your child, you will have the opportunity to visit with one of our Registered Nurse Educators. They serve as a facilitator between you and the physician. Their role is to help you understand the treatment recommended.  They will review surgery recommended, obtain a brief health history, review post-operative information and answer any of your questions or concerns.  They will also obtain a “best contact” telephone number from you so that the surgery facility can contact you the day before your surgery with pertinent information.

The nurses work closely with the physician to provide you with prompt responses and follow-up. All treatment plans are carefully reviewed with the physician.

dayOfSurgeryYou will be contacted the day prior to your surgery by the surgery facility where your child’s surgery is scheduled.  Pediatric Otolaryngology conducts surgeries at the following facilities:

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (St. Petersburg)

Pediatric Surgery Centers Brandon (Tampa)

Pediatric Surgery Centers Odessa

Carillon Ambulatory Surgery Center (Cigna Baycare Insurance)

The Pediatric ENT surgery facility will provide you all information regarding pre-operative guidelines and arrival information.  Please be advised that surgery times are based on age and special needs.


Once your child has been discharged, you will be given detailed instructions regarding what they can eat and drink, any limitations on activity and medications that have been prescribed.

After you get home, be sure to follow the care instructions that you were provided.

You will receive a follow-up telephone call from the surgery center following your child’s surgery.

Any questions, please contact our office,  727-329-5400.


billingPayment is due at the time of each office visit. If you are covered by a Managed Care Plan, you will be expected to pay your co-pay in full. We accept payment in the form of cash, check, Visa or Mastercard. Information about our other services and fees are available upon request to help you plan your visit.



As a courtesy to you we will file your charges to your insurance carrier. We ask that you bring your insurance cards with you, so that we may photocopy them for complete and accurate information. Please remember the responsibility of the entire balance is yours.