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Pediatric ENT & Otolaryngology in Tampa, FL


4202 N Habana Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607
On the corner of N Habana
and W St Isabel Street
One story black and white free-standing building

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+1 (727) 329-5400
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Our Tampa location is right down the street from St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Our pediatric office is full of friendly staff who are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your kid(s) health. Our Board Certified Doctors are world class, with years of experience in the pediatric field allowing parents to relax knowing their children are in good hands.

We offer most of our patient forms online allowing our parents to print, fill them out, and bring them in creating a much quicker experience in the office. Our Patient Portal on our website also allows parents to pay and keep track of all their kid’s health needs in one place. Call us or request an appointment above!

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We have healthier & happier kids thanks to Pediatric ENT! My daughter has seen Dr. Wasylik for 5 years now. She had ear tubes when she was one and most recently had thyroglossal duct cyst surgery. Both procedures went amazingly well and now 6-months post surgery the throat incision is barely noticeable. My son had ear tubes before he turned a year old and went from constant ear infections to a healthy dude. My husband and I joke that Dr. Wasylik is our family surgeon. She has taken such good care of our kids and we really are thankful that she has improved the quality of their lives as well.