Septoplasty  Post Operation Procedures

Home Care Instructions Following Septoplasty

Normal Post-Operative Complaints

1. Headache/Facial Pain and Nasal Congestion that will last at least 2 weeks

2. Bloody drainage from the nose (and post nasal drip) during that time

3. Congestion slowly decreases over 4-6 months

Call the office if you notice any of the following:

1.Pain not controlled by pain medication

2. Increase facial swelling or redness

3. Fever of 102 degrees or higher

4. Change in vision

5. New onset of cough or other illness

Home Care Instructions

1. Keep the head elevated at all times. Prop up with pillows during sleeping

2. Control pain with prescription pain medication and ibuprofen

3. For relief of nasal congestion, hypertonic saline may be used as needed

4. No strenuous activity for at least one month

5. Avoid weight lifting or rigorous sports for one month

6. Avoid blowing the nose for 2 weeks

7. If splints were placed, they should be removed (in the office) 10-14 days after surgery

8. Plan for a week out of school

9. No swimming for one month