Home Care Instructions Following Myringoplasty

Normal Post-Operative Complaints

Patient May Have:

1. Bloody or watery drainage from the ear for one to two days

2. Noises (popping, crackling) in the ear

Call the office if you notice any of the following:

1. Drainage from the ear for more than 3 days

2. Drainage with odor from the ear

3. Fever greater than 102 degrees not relieved by Tylenol

4. Pain not relieved by pain medicine

5. Dizzy sensation

Activity Restrictions:

1. No nose blowing/sneeze with mouth open

2. May return to school next day.  No PE or contact sports for 2 weeks

3. Can bathe/shower next day as long as ear is protected from water

4. No water in ear until the ear is completely healed

5. No swimming for 2 weeks. Use earplug for swimming after 2nd week

6. No flying for 2 weeks