Closed Reduction Of Nasal Fracture

Normal Post-Operative Complaints

  • Your child will experience significant nasal congestion
  • Your child may have some blood tinged nasal drainage. Wipe what you can see
  • Your child may have some slight swelling/bruising
  • Take pain meds as directed

Call the Office if You Notice and ofthe Following

  • Excessive bleeding from nose
  • Splint comes off prematurely and you are unable to reapply
  • Pain not relieved by Tylenol or Motrin

Home care Instructions

  • May return to school the following day
  • No PE or organized sports for 2 weeks
  • OK to shower the next day but keep nose dry!
  • If splint loosens, reinforce with tape for at least 7 days
  • May remove tape over nose after 7 days
  • Keep head elevated
  • Cool mist humidifier at night to help with congestion