Together, our staff exists to provide the highest quality care to our patients in a caring environment. We strive to accomplish this mission by the following means:

  1. aboutOurStaffCreate an environment in which the child/patient is nurtured and protected while developing the most accurate diagnosis.
  2. Offer the most highly trained, competent, caring physicians.
  3. Continually educate physicians and staff on current practices and therapies to the extent a community standard of care is created.
  4. Provide the full range of pediatric ear, nose and throat therapies available in an environment of service excellence or promptly refer the patient to the appropriate physician.
  5. Maintain the highest level of ethical and moral standards in our interactions with patients, parents and colleagues.
  6. Support on-going clinical research, resident physician training and contribute to the betterment of pediatric otolaryngology as a field of practice.

Pediatric Otolaryngology Nursing Staff



Years Experience

Susan Bryan, RN St Petersburg College 25
Renee Caswell, RN St Petersburg College 21
Linda Filippelli, RN Naugatuck Valley College 24
Megan Murray, RN St Petersburg College  5
Sue Ann Nichols, RN University of Kentucky 25
Amy Peoples, RN
Jody Spencer, RN University of Florida 10
Sharon Yattaw, RN St Petersburg College 12
Kelli Williams, LPN PTEC 20